Our focus is to keep you or your loved ones at home, where the heart is.  We assist our clients in feeling confident and safe, while living in their homes.

About Our Home Care Company

Tali Wells is the owner and operator of Lowcountry Companions, a Mount Pleasant-based company that provides exceptional care and companionship to those in need throughout the tri-county area. Tali's goal is to provide in-home assisted living so that seniors can maintain the meaningful life that they deserve in the comfort of their own homes. After Tali tore her Achilles tendon and needed surgery, she realized how important it was to have a caregiver, even for post-op assistance. She has also seen how quality time spent with family can fluctuate from being a frantic time doing chores, to a more relaxed time once a loved one’s day-to-day needs are met.

In 2008, Tali began working as a caregiver at Lowcountry Companions, and worked her way up to owner. She has over 20 years’ experience in accounting, business, and management. She has also continued to be an active caregiver for Lowcountry Companions.

Tali lives with her husband and rescue dogs on James Island, next door to her father whom she also looks after. She believes that older individuals who remain at home live happier and longer lives because they are surrounded by things that are meaningful to them. Just like her caregivers, Tali wanted to do something fulfilling and worthwhile. "It's the best decision that I’ve ever made ... working in this business. The intrinsic reward of making such a positive impact on, not only our clients, but on the lives of the people that love them is beyond measure. It’s indescribable. Something happens every single day that reinforces what a great decision it really was. I don’t think I’ve ever been told, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ so much in my entire life … and the best part is that we really love what we do."

"Every day it is my mission to build a team that shares the Lowcountry Companion’s vision and commitment towards the clients we serve. No other company provides the training or accountability measures that we do. That is why we are second to none. We treat our caregivers like family, and in turn, they do the same for our clients.” This is not just a business for Tali - it's her passion, calling, and life's work.

Contact Tali and the caregivers at Lowcountry Companions at (843) 856-2582, or by emailing Tali directly at tali@lowcountrycompanions.com.